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4th Edition - October 2009
Meeting with the forest
Public Consultation:
An End and a Beginning
Discover The Gems
A Large Consensus:
Surprising and True!
The Chateauguay-Lery Green Belt
Special Edition!
Invitation to Meet with the Forest
Sunday, October 18th, 2009, at 2 p.m.
Fernand-Seguin Ecological Center reception
2 hours
450 699-7475 or
SOS Fernand-Seguin Forest invites you to a guided tour around the most beautiful areas of the Chateauguay-Lery forest.

In this period of transition, the forest dresses up in new clothes and offers us, once again, a delightful experience for all our senses. This weekend, come meet us in the woods, as we will be served nature's enchanting fragrances and vibrant colours, all in a unique soundscape brought to us by our very own Canadian Geese in this special time of migration.

We hope to see you there!

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Public Consultation:
An End and a Beginning
The committee in charge of releasing an analysis and a detailed recommandation report to the City Council only ended up producing a compilation and a summary of the citizens' memoirs written opinions.

The great value of the thoughts and clear affirmations expressed by the citizens towards the total protection would have deserved more respect...

Thus, we assert our intention to continue to promote the will expressed to keep this unique natural space.

Copies of our petition of more than 10,000 signatures, as well as all the memoirs, will soon be officially filed before the political instances involved in the conservation process of the Chateauguay-Lery green corridor.

heritage Saint-Bernard memoir
Read the memoir on the territory preservation and promotion from Heritage Saint-Bernard
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Discover The Gems!
The memoirs and written opinions of Chateauguay organizations and citizens offer insights into the political, social, environmental, and sometimes poetic advantages to forest preservation. Read them in a friendly on-line environment, in the comfort of your home.
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Public Consultation:
Analysis of a Large Consensus
Most of the written memos received from citizens had more detailed input than a simple choice of a A, B, or C development scenario.

Thus, citizens frequently preferred a scenario D, demanding total preservation of the territory over having to choose any other development scenario.

A reference to the scenario D was often made by citizens following the publication of Heritage Saint-Bernard's memoir on the territory preservation and promotion.

More than 92% of the responses were a combination of scenarios C and D, both implying the protection of the Chateauguay-Lery forest.

Source: Summary compilation report of the memoirs and citizens' written opinions available here
Therefore, those elected after November 1st would be well advised to respect this clear will and commit to:
  1. decree a moratorium preventing any real estate development on the forest territory,
  2. grant to Centre écologique Fernand-Seguin a permanent protection status, which is currently not the case.

These two essential commitments represent a low cost when compared the exceptional ecological value established.

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One Third of the Forest Already in the Public Domain
Surprising and true! Transport Québec had acquired properties to build an access road to highway 30. The plan for this section was modified, and now the land is no longer required for this use. This portion is already in the public domain. Its acquisition will not require any additional cost from taxpayers.

This territory of a very high ecological value has been established based on floral and wildlife inventories. The next step is the transfer of this land to the Ministère du Développement Durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs du Québec according to the usual inter-ministerial protocol.

skyview of green belt
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The Chateauguay-Lery Green Belt
This is an exceptional forest ecosystem in our backyard.
Its protection is feasible. We just have to say “yes” to the forest.
The available financial plans offer conditions that respect both the involved owners and the public interest to protect the territory.
The first legal level of protection of natural resources belongs to municipalities and to their residents: it is a little known reality.
If the residents ask them to do so, the future municipal elected representatives can work towards this goal.
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Upcoming Special Edition:
"Municipal Elections"
Discover the shade of green of our future Lery and Chateauguay elected officials.

Read all about their commitments to the total preservation of our forest.

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