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7th Edition - January 2010
We've come a long way since June 2008
2010 International
Year of Biodiversity:
But we have yet
to win the game
Roussillon RCM
Council Meeting
The Chateauguay-Léry Forest featured on
We’ve come a long way
since June 2008!
We took for granted the green belt that runs through the territories of Chateauguay and Léry. It was the destruction in June 2008 of a large parcel of this forest that alerted us to not only the fragility but the richness of this natural space.

Since then we learnt that it was possible to develop a territory while preserving a portion of its nature. We also learnt that it was beneficial for the region’s citizens to showcase this unique environment.

SOS Forêt Fernand-Seguin activists had to bend themselves backward in order to inform the public of this wealth and of the importance of preserving and promoting it.

  • sixty some newspaper articles
  • feature stores on the television
  • support from Mr. Hubert Reeves
  • letters and newsletters
  • a web site
  • posters and T-shirts
  • interventions at municipal council meetings
  • a petition of 12,145 signatures
  • Public consultations in Chateauguay followed by an avalanche of memoires almost all in favour of protecting the green belt.

And it worked! All this work has succeeded in placing the Forest at the forefront of local news and in sprouting a very large consensus among the local population.

In the last municipal elections, a dynamic team, the Citizen Action Party, endorsed the project and reaped a resounding victory. Since its first meeting, the new City Council adopted a series of resolutions confirming its intention.

We are confident that the part of the forest located on the territory of Chateauguay is in good hands.

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2010 International Year of Biodiversity!
But we have yet to win the game.

In Léry

Much of the green belt is located on the territory of Léry. The challenge will be great for its citizens who will, in 2010, decide upon the direction they want their municipality to take. They need to express their opinion on the revision of the current urban plan that dates back to 1991 and shows residential development on virtually every square inch of the municipal territory!

This consultation will provide a unique opportunity to clearly express their desire to preserve the unique character of this small town located between lake and forest.


The Roussillon RCM

Land management is the primary mission of the Roussillon RCM. It is up to the RCM council to adopt and implement the development plan and to develop the Roussillon RCM. The diagram represents the reconciliation of various interests related to the economic, social and environmental development of municipal members of the RCM, of adjacent RCMs, of government as well as the population.”

Extract from the Roussillon RCM’s web site (translation provided by a non-professional).

“In any RCM or metropolitan community, there are territories that constitute the heritage of the region. Be they of historical, cultural, aesthetic or ecological interest, these territories must be identified in land use planning and development.”

"The territory of ecological interest presents an environmental value worthy of recognition because of its fragility, its uniqueness or its representation as a salmon spawning ground, a forest stand, a swamp, endangered plants, etc."

Extract from the ministère des Affaires municipales, Régions et Occupation du territoire’s web site
(translation provided by a non-professional).

In summary, a Regional County Municipality (RCM) is responsible for protecting and enhancing sites of ecological interest within its territory.

Floral inventories conducted in 2009 recommended that the whole of our Chateauguay-Léry forest be recognized as an exceptional forested ecosystem. This is more than what is required in order to identify a site of ecological interest, to give it conservation status and consequently alter the regional planning scheme in which all cities must comply.

We must therefore persuade the mayors who serve on the Roussillon RCM of the benefits of creating a conservation and recreation park that will add tremendous value to our region as a whole.

Fortunately, 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity!

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Roussillon RCM
Council Meeting

Wednesday, 27 January 2010
7:00 p.m.
Salle du Conseil, 260 St-Pierre Street, St-Constant

• • • • •

SOS Fernand-Seguin Forest will use the next Roussillon RCM council’s public hearing to submit the petition with 12,145 signatories.

In addition, we will use this opportunity to submit the flora, avifauna and mycological inventory reports that support the unique ecological value of the Chateauguay-Léry forest.

For carpooling, Call 450 699-7475

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