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We are Calling for a Public Consultation
on the Future of Léry
A Population Increase

Léry is preparing to install an aqueduct and sewer network; good news for the environment and for the health of its citizens. However, this network will open the door to new residential developments throughout the territories zoned Residential. In the current urban plan, if all the land zoned as Residential were developed, the population of Léry could increase from 2,377 to more than 15,000 residents!

Why? Because each new residential development project within the Roussillon RCM must meet a minimum of dwellings per hectare: that is, “a minimum average gross density of 14 units per hectare”.
* Source: Schéma d’aménagement révisé, MRC Roussillon, January 21st 2008, page 2-48


The Urban Plan

340 hectares* are currently zoned Residential in the eastern sector (east of boulevard Léry):

14 units/hectare X 340 hectares = over 4,000 (possible) new homes.
* 1 hectare = 107,640 square feet

Considering an average of 2.6 residents per dwelling, Léry’s population could increase by more than 10,400 inhabitants. And that’s not taking into account the western sector…

This represents the potential impacts of an urban plan. Now, Léry must file its new urban plan by the end of March. We therefore call for a public consultation on the future of Léry.


The Impact on Our Municipal Tax Bills

In 2009, operational costs per capita in Léry were $703.

In comparison, the same operating costs, for cities in Quebec from 10,000 to 24,999 inhabitants, were on average $1,662 per capita*. An increase of 136,4%!
* Source: Direction générale des finances municipales du Ministère des affaires municipales


Léry citizens, our quality of life and our tax bill will depend on the development plan that we agree to!